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  2. 4 Important Roles of Database Management System in Industry

The benefits of a DBMS include:.

Data Topics

An important part of a DBMS is separating applications from the data. When people use the applications they call on the data they need to work on.

Question paper of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) MBA 3rd semester

They do not need to use all the data every time they use the database. A database in a DBMS could be viewed by lots of different people with different responsibilities. Rather than develop custom software to run on a user's PC, the user would use the same Web browser program for every application.

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A database application with a Web interface had the advantage that it could be used on devices of different sizes, with different hardware, and with different operating systems. Examples of early database applications with Web interfaces include amazon. Electronic medical records are referred to on emrexperts. Some of the most complex database applications remain accounting systems, such as SAP , which may contain thousands of tables in only a single module.

The etymology of the phrase "database application" comes from the practice of dividing computer software into systems programs, such as the operating system, compilers, the file system, and tools such as the database management system, and application programs, such as a payroll check processor. On a standard PC running Microsoft Windows, for example, the Windows operating system contains all of the systems programs while games, word processors, spreadsheet programs, photo editing programs, etc.


4 Important Roles of Database Management System in Industry

As "application" is short for "application program", "database application" is short for "database application program". Not every program that uses a database would typically be considered a "database application". For example, many physics experiments, e. The data sets constitute a "database", though they are not typically managed with a standard relational database management system.

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  • The computer programs that analyze the data are primarily developed to answer hypotheses, not to put information back into the database and therefore the overall program would not be called a "database application". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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