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Please log in. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Type your ID and password in the boxes below, then click the quot;Let 39;s Go quot; nbsp; Free Essay Scoring - Pearson School essays to help develop additional writing prompts for its online, automated essay scorer. These essays will help us calibrate the evaluation engine that examines student work, gives actionable feedback at point of use, and saves a teacher time by lessening the burden of conferencing on nbsp; Account Activation Information Literature!

We are pleased to inform you that with freedom writers essay your purchase, students have access to Prentice Hall EssayScorer an interactive web-based program that offers essay writing activities with instant feedback and scoring absolutely.

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Teacher Link: www. Bluestone Middle School: www. Essay Scorer Teacher. Microsoft Office Normal Internet Password. Pearson EssayScorer , essayscorer. World Book Online, www. To begin, pick your school from the dropdown list below. Students, be sure use the Student Login list to find your school. The teachers challenge students at high levels and make the learning relevant to their current and future lives.

Textbook Companion Site:. Essay Scorer -Write-to-Learn. Reference Tools. Tell us how you really feel. Take our survey!

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Student Access for EssayScorer - Waters nbsp; eGrader, a software application that automatically scores student essays: with a postscript on ethical complexities Michael Tang, Ph. John Tranduc, M. Core technologies such as these have also been licensed to other companies, including Prentice Hall; Holt, Rinehart and Winston; and others. These technologies are also often adapted for other purposes. Each of these proprietary technologies uses a different approach and produces different results or a different slant to essay grading.

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These methods emphasize content coverage in scoring but also include grammar, mechanics, style, and organization, as needed. Vantage Learning doesn't discuss its MY Access! All of the technologies have been extensively tested, and all of them approach or equal human scorers in reliability. All produce holistic grades from 1 to 4 or 1 to 6—similar to those produced by human graders— as well as provide tutorial advice intended to guide student writers as needed.

All have similar limitations, which will be discussed later. The technologies interact with students in roughly the same way; i. The Web-based platform offers a serious advantage, enabling students to use the services in any location where they can use a computer—with their class, at home, in the library, or in the lab. Students enter essays in response to prompts based on writing topics the computer software can score.

Online essay scorer

The following is an 11th grade writing prompt from the Intelligent Essay Assessor Demonstration page: "Please write a structured essay on the Great Depression and the New Deal. Currently, a limited number of prompts are available. Although companies are developing more every year, the limited availability is due to the expense and length of time involved in developing scoring models for each prompt. To make a specific prompt machine-scorable, up to students write an essay in response to that prompt. These initial essays are scored by two specially trained humans.

If they disagree, a third person evaluates the essays. The essays and scores are fed into computers that develop scoring models that work for that prompt only. This entire process is repeated for each new prompt. The cost of computerized essay-grading programs varies greatly and generally is determined by specific-use situations.

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The price may be determined as a per-student subscription or the fee may be based on student use as determined by a hit or bundles of hits. Doubts and Limitations: Frankenstein in the Classroom? What standards should be used, since experts rarely agree about the nature of good writing? Should the mechanics be emphasized, or should the emphasis be placed on the structure and quality of the content and thought involved?

Even developers admit that computers can't assess creative, innovative, or individualistic writing. Another important element that computers can't score is the context of the essay or the audience to which an essay is addressed. By being unable to deal with these and other elements, will computerized essay scoring somehow force students into some mold of monstrous uniformity?

Will it leave the creative side undeveloped?

In addition to these concerns, computerized essay scoring programs are limited by the material fed to them to create scoring models, as well as the limited number of available topics or prompts. And, it's not all that hard to deceive essay grading technologies; they can be fooled. Finally, when it gets right down to it, many educators just don't trust computers and don't want to let them influence student lives any more than they already do.

Any of these perceived disadvantages, however, can be overcome in the classroom by preparing students for the differences that computerized essay scoring programs create in testing situations and by not relying exclusively on computerized scoring. There are advantages to the computerized systems, too. Computerized essay grading and Web-based writing training systems provide instant and immediate feedback. Students can make improvements and resubmit their work, each time honing the quality of the essay.

With some systems, teachers can add comments or change the grade, if desired. The programs can make more writing possible by enabling teachers to spend less time correcting essays. As a former high school English teacher with classes of 25 to 35 students, I get excited at the thought of computers handling some of the incredibly lengthy processes of scoring or so student essays.

The length and tediousness of correction has, by itself, led to less writing instruction in many schools because teachers just don't have enough time to correct all of the essays that should be assigned. A Web-based training system would make far more writing practice possible, even if careful teacher oversight and other measures are required. The improved focus, understanding, and skills that students gain in these writing situations will be beneficial as they carry over into other areas. Today, computerized essay scoring applications are in rapid development by a number of respected companies that have long produced testing, textbook, and other products.

Among the top technologies in current use are e-rater, Intelligent Essay Assessor, and IntelliMetric. Criterion 3.

Criterion gives students self-paced writing practice using writing assignments created with parameters and guidelines that instructors choose. The program provides 44 prompts for grades 4 to 8 and 29 prompts for high school, all developed in much the same way as those used with other essay scoring engines. Recent updates to Criterion allow the program to automatically provide a holistic score and feedback on instructor-created topics without any additional customization or training.

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Elementary and secondary school teachers can tailor writing topics to their own lesson plans or state standards and provide students with a risk-free automated environment to improve their writing skills. Tennessee's Knox County schools use Criterion in the middle and high schools.

County educators felt that Criterion helped their students become better writers and gave them valuable practice in taking standardized tests. Knox County also collaborated with ETS to develop unique topics in alignment with state testing. As a result, student writing is compared to Tennessee state standards, as well as the national standards embedded in the Criterion topics.

Additional improvements to Criterion 3. IEA technology focuses on the understanding of the subject matter that goes into creating an essay. Though IEA focuses on meaning and content, it can also measure mechanics, styles, and more. Summary Street is a particularly interesting application of IEA in that it guides student summary writing, working with reading comprehension as well as writing. The program was developed in conjunction with the Colorado Literacy Tutor project and is being used by schools throughout Colorado. Summary Street compares student summaries to the original text, providing feedback about accuracy, comprehensiveness, and length, as well as problems like redundancy, poor spelling, and extraneous sentences.

The program works well, but, as with other similar programs, it isn't perfect. Summary Street doesn't evaluate structure well, can't recognize creativity or metaphor, and doesn't evaluate style. An online demonstration is available, illustrating the program's instant scoring and feedback; sample essays are also posted online.

The Elements of Language program includes an interactive online textbook and Web site. The textbook provides reading and writing activities as well as diagnostic and chapter tests.

Your most recently viewed programs:

The Web site includes a language center with interactive vocabulary instruction and links to online writing resources and reference materials. At the time this article was written, Holt Online Essay Scoring offered 58 prompts, with new prompts to be added continually. The program includes seven types of prompts for middle and high school: expository, persuasive, how-to, descriptive, narrative, writing about literature, and writing about nonfiction. An additional prompt—biographical narrative—is offered on the high school track. Teachers cannot add their own prompts to this program.

MY Access! A Japanese language component is in development. The program's instant diagnostic instruction helps students improve their writing and helps teachers shape instruction to student needs. The idea is that more frequent opportunities to write with immediate scoring and feedback will encourage improvement. According to Vantage Learning, the IntelliMetric scoring system is as accurate as human scorers. An adaptation of this technology, IntelliMetric ShortStuff, is used to score very short, open-ended essay responses.

The program enables two-way communication; students can read and write comments and respond to teacher comments. Charts and graphs are created as students work, monitoring their progress. When this article was written, MY Access!