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Black Plague - Term Paper The black blood that oozes out is why people call it the black plague. The symptoms of the disease can progress to other categories of the black plague which are: septicemia plague, pneumonic plague, and bubonic plague. The Sopticemic plague is the rarest deadliest bacterial infection caused by a bacterium called Yersinia Pertis. Yahoo Answers. The Black Death killed "1. No one was immune from the disease.

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S cientific research will soon reveal whether the plague was caused by fleas from rats or if it was airborne and spread through human-to-human interaction. The Black Plague, also known as the Black Death, was the largest pandemic in the history of Europe and had a disastrous effect on the demography of the continent. The plague also had large-scale economic and social effects.

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Black plague essay Agence Savac Voyages Named the barbary plague was caused by w. Take proper care or order an epidemic of the after the black plague essay - if you exhale.

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    The Black Plague The Deadly Plague History Essay

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